Long Code Message

What’s a Long Code Message?

An SMS Long Code/ Long Code Message refers to a typical dedicated phone number of 10 digits that lets a business obtain SMS text messages, fax, and voice from anywhere worldwide.
Sofi Dial technical specialists are going to set up and manage long code services for its clients or train the operators of the clients to handle it.


What do you get from us?

  • A web-based and user-friendly control panel that is of help to you in reaching your clients notwithstanding the time and location.
  • Automatic reply message that is going to be delivered to all incoming SMS coming in from the sender’s cell phone number.
  • Formation of limitless sub-keywords is likewise offered. You are free to manage diverse auto-reply for every single sub keywords.
  • Email alerts that are helpful in contacting straight with your clients with no access to the control panel.
  • SMS Alerts instantly on your cell phone number is helpful in interacting with your clients from anywhere.
  • Real-time updating of Reports, which is also valid for web book users.